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28.09.2023 - Experts from Executive Forest Agency took part in the third working meeting of the CEE2ACT consortium under the EU Horizon Europe Programme 2021-2027 in Zagreb, Croatia

On 19 September 2023, the 17 partners of the project “Empowering Central and Eastern European Countries to Develop Circular Bioeconomy Strategies and Action Plans” – CEE2ACT met in Zagreb to hold the third  consortium working meeting hosted by the Croatian partner WWF-Adria. The project enters its second year – a year of active activities. At the meeting the partners discussed the ongoing activities on the respective Work packages and their progress, focusing on the discussions regarding the establishment of National Bioeconomy Centers/Hubs in the 10 target countries from Central and Eastern Europe, one of which is Bulgaria. 

The partners participated in various interactive sessions on the objectives of the hubs, evaluation criteria and knowledge transfer activities, meeting the needs of the 10 Central and Eastern European project countries. Some work package project leaders have unveiled new e-solutions that will become operational in March 2024.

All partners had the chance to participate in the opening of the project’s Croatian Bioeconomy Hub in Zagreb and the event took place on 20 September in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture of Croatia – Mrs. Marija Vukovic. Over the next two years, the Croatian hub, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, will work to monitor the implementation of the Bioeconomy Strategy and promote the cooperation of all stakeholders in the exchange of information, knowledge and experience, which we hope will be the result for us as a target country with optimal resources in the bioeconomy. 

From Bulgarian side Dipl. Eng.Lubcho Trichkov, PhD – project coordinator and Mrs Nikoleta Dineva, “Stakeholders” expert took part in the meetings, part of the CEE2ACT/Executive Forest Agency project team - partner in the consortium implementing CEE2ACT project. 

More information on the project can be found on the CEE2ACT website: https://www.cee2act.eu, CEE2ACT project section on the EFA webpage: http://www.iag.bg/bioeconomy/lang/1/year/2023/month/09/page/1/archive and Twitter: https://twitter.com/CEE2ACT.



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